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Do you want to teach labs, but don’t know how to get sponsorship? Do you have sponsorship, but don’t know how to begin starting a lab? Do you have a vision, but need help moving forward? Veterinary Education Team is a team dedicated to hands-on learning in the veterinary community. We provide specialty services for labs. From marketing to machine maintenance to teaching, we do it all! V.E.T is a one stop-shop for anyone wanting to learn, host or teach veterinary labs!


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Great lab in Lakeland FL!

Fun technicians lab in Lakeland. Hands on, informative, and learned some new tricks

Dr. Duncan North Carolina

Small and intimate. All questions answered and good thorough instruction. Thoughtful touches and more confidence in my next extraction approach


Thorough Continuing Education Class

This one day veterinary feline dentistry CE was just what I was looking for! Something close to home, didn’t require I take time off and gave instruction on a subject I was interested in! I would recommend Veted Team CE.

Morgan Kennedy
Lander Valley Animal Hospital