Canine extractions in Boise, ID




Pre-register and join us and Dr. Katherine Block, DAVDC for a full day of canine extractions in Boise, ID!

Invigorate your clinic’s dental care with Dr. Kate Block’s one-day canine extraction lab.

From mucogingival flap design to managing root fragments in the mandibular canal, enjoy a judgment-free day of canine extractions. Dr. Block will take you through canine, carnassial and other extraction techniques using principles and tricks that you’ll employ right away on Monday morning.

Morning sessions will review:
1. Indications for extraction and radiographic interpretation 2. Extraction techniques and flap design 3. Managing extraction complications

Afternoon lab time is yours to practice canine, carnassial and other teeth of your choice. Dr. Block will provide individual guidance and a relaxed environment for you to learn and practice new techniques, and feel more prepared to tackle your next dental procedure.


Location TBD


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