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Saturday Nov 2nd: During the lecture we will discuss all things related to feline extractions. There will be discussion of disease processes that lead to the need to extract and how to identify which teeth require extraction.  Confused about when to extract and when to do crown amputation?  We’ll cover that too!  Dental radiology, as it pertains to pre- and post-op extractions, will be discussed.  And of course, a step-by-step guide on how to perform stress-free extractions on those stubborn cat teeth, with a focus on the mandibular canine.

After the lecture, we will move to the lab where we will focus on extractions of the strategic teeth: canines, maxillary fourth premolar, and mandibular first molar.  This will be the time to practice those stress reducing techniques for extractions.

The goal of this lab is to help you:

  • Identify what teeth need to be extracted and why
  • Interpret dental radiographs and understand how they help in decision making
  • Make flaps and handle the delicate and frustrating feline mucosa
  • Learn how to extract teeth with more confidence and less complications
  • Know how to handle complications when they do happen

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Saturday Nov 23rd: Canine Dental Extractions “Beyond Pulling Teeth” 

The objectives for this lecture are to:

  1. Review dental, mandibular, and maxillary anatomy in preparation for dental extractions
  2. Review indications for extractions and options to extractions
  3. Provide step-by-step extraction technique in dogs including local nerve blocks, mucoperiosteal flap design for open extraction, and closure of extraction sites of the mandibular canines, carnassial teeth, and maxillary molars.

Learning points for attendees are the following:

  1. Importance of pre-operative, intraoperative, and post-operative dental radiographs
  2. Local nerve blocks for pain management
  3. Practice extraction techniques using appropriate equipment, including extraction of retained roots and preventing iatrogenic fracture during mandibular teeth extractions.

Sunday Nov 24th: Feline Dental Extractions 

The objectives for this lecture are to:

  1. Review feline dental disease specifically: 1) tooth resorption – when to extract and when to perform crown amputation, and 2) full mouth extractions – when and when not to perform this surgery
  2. Step-by-step extraction technique, crown amputation technique, retained root tip removal

Learning points for attendees are the following:

  1. The importance of preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative dental radiography
  2. Practice complete maxillary and mandibular extractions (one side)
  3. Practice coronectomy (crown amputation) and retained root tip extraction techniques
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